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The digital revolution has changed the face of libraries and information centres all round the world with modern and cutting edge technologies. In keeping with this, the Nicholas Anthony Aroney Library is in the process of creating individual electronic records for its entire collection which consists of print books, manuscripts, articles, photographs, video and audio recordings, periodicals, newsletters, programs and other memorabilia. 

In 2021, we went ‘live’ with our online catalogue which enables open public access to catalogued records. The online catalogue creates connectivity to a worldwide audience and more importantly, strengthens ties with Kytherians globally. Follow the link and explore:

We are proud of our particular focus on Kytherian settlement in the diaspora and its place in social history as well as other aspects of the migrant experience including Kytherian family histories, businesses, culture and traditions. Of course, archives dealing with the history of the Kytherian Association of Australia are highly prized and we are always on the lookout for more – contact us if you can help.

Our library also serves as a research hub on a wide range of Greek subject areas including philosophy, religion, social sciences, language, sciences, arts, literature, history and geography – ancient and modern.

The library has been named the Nicholas Anthony Aroney Library in honour of the great benefactor. His trustees, in recognising the true spirit of his generosity, have expanded the scholarly horizons of his Will with generous bequests to assist in the ongoing acquisition and collating of books and other materials.

We are confident we have a rich and varied cultural resource centre that will serve as a valuable inheritance for generations to come. Our library is a place where our history and our sense of being come to life. 

To create every opportunity for success, we require many hands and to this end we are always looking for volunteers. Tasks could include searching, sorting, scanning and categorising paper documents and photographs. Whatever skills you have that could be of benefit along with a few hours of your time whenever possible would be greatly appreciated. Send an email Subject: Library Volunteer  to and let us know if you can help.

Our library has never had a greater opportunity to reach out and draw the world closer to home. We are confident that our incentives will continue the proud tradition of promoting Kytherian culture and inspiring future generations.

The Nicholas Anthony Aroney Library has given and will continue to give Kythera House a remarkable ‘soul’.

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