Kytherian Association Wine Klub

Kytherian Association of Australia Sub-Committee


Following discussions with members, we have found that many are interested in making their own traditional Greek wine. The only thing that appears to be holding them back is the lack of a source of information on how to do so and the initial equipment.

Your Association, with the assistance of a number of members, wishes to announce the formation of the Kytherian Association Wine Klub (KWAK).

Goals of KAWK:

  • Provide financial members with the opportunity to learn to produce wine in the traditional manner, through knowledge of those who have years of experience
  • Provide equipment for the crushing and pressing of wine grapes
  • Provide a venue
  • Provide an opportunity to learn about the traditions of making wine
  • Provide social interaction and exchanging of wine making ideas and processes
  • Arrange for discounts for club members for purchases they may wish to make to facilitate the production of their traditional style Greek wine.

It is intended, initially, to have some meetings at KAA House and later arrange for workshop weekends during the crushing season in March 2014 when we will bulk purchase wine grapes and crush and press them as a group. In the future, equipment may be made available for individuals to do their own crushing and pressing.

We will also providing information and assistance to members on what is required for the rest of the wine making process.

It is intended to make these workshop days, full day events where we will also arrange for a BBQ for those participating, providing the avenue not only for learning to produce traditional wine, but also for social interaction amongst members with similar interests.

Each person will then be given “musto” to start their own fermentation process at home. Any equipment that each person may require for themselves will be at their own expense (minimal cost). We will try to arrange deals for bulk discounts via the club.

The KAA has assisted with the provision of an automatic crusher/de-stemmer and wine press – this is usually the most expensive part of the process.

We are asking any Members who are interested in joining “KAWK” and participating in producing their own traditional style wine to register their expression of interest, so that we can arrange what is required and organise numbers and dates for the activities.

Looking forward to hearing from all those interested.

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