Kytherian 4WD And Recreation Club

Kytherian Association of Australia Sub-Committee


The Kytherian 4WD & Recreation Club was started back in 1997 by John Tzannes, John Faros, Peter Notaras, Angelo Andrew and Peter Tzannes. Over the years we have organised some amazing outings for many young Kytherians and their families.

Our main event has always been the camping trip to Turon Gates. Campers enjoy the usual activities over the 4 days including horse riding, long walks along dirt tracks and the Turon river, collecting fire wood, bike riding and fishing; but of course being Kytherian, the biggest pastime is cooking and eating during the day. The evenings are spent around the camp fire where the adults enjoyed home brewed wine made during last year’s Kytherian Wine Club day and the kids toasting marshmallows of all shapes and sizes over the fire.

All these events would not be possible without the efforts of our committee and their respective families. A big thank you goes out to all partners and kids for their help.

We would like to thank all who attend our functions and encourage more people to take the plunge and give camping a go.

We have a good mix of young families as well as more mature people attending which makes for some very interesting conversations around the camp fire, thus spreading knowledge from generation to generation.

The K4WD club has now been established for over 19 years with our 20 year anniversary coming up in 2017. We plan a major event for this milestone.

We are always looking for new ideas and people to be involved in the K4WD club. Feel free to contact any of our committee members to express an opinion in our projects.

We wish all Kytherians and their families worldwide good health and happiness and encourage you to get involved now so future generations can share your passion for Kythera.

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