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The Kytherian World Heritage Fund (KWHF) was founded by two visionary and entrepreneurial Kytherians, George Poulos and the late Angelo Notaras OAM along with Angelo’s business partner and brother, John Notaras in 2003.

Our mission is to preserve Kytherian heritage as part of our broader Hellenic cultural heritage for the benefit of Kytherians and Philo-Kytherians worldwide through the publication of books in both the English and Greek languages. In upholding the objectives of the KWHF, we aim to continue to:

  • foster an awareness and appreciation of our common Greek and Kytherian culture, history and language;
  • raise funds to publish books in the Greek and English languages
  • utilise the profits of all book sales to: finance, publish and stock more books and literature including translations where required; finance and support the preservation of Kytherian photography and realia, support special projects in limited numbers, and
  • ensure the profits from the fund are only utilised for these purposes.

The concept of the KWHF was devised by our founders and arose out of their recognition of the ‘Kytherian Renaissance’ which was gaining momentum in the latter part of the 20th century.  It was evident to them that a plethora of projects had emerged designed to understand, explain, preserve, maintain and enhance Kytherian history, culture, artefacts, ethos and heritage. This renaissance was driven by numerous individuals, associations and institutions including the well-established Society of Kytherian Studies, based in Athens, the Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust, Sydney,, the Institute of Kytheraismos, Athens, the Kythera Cultural Association, Potamos, Kythera, and George N Leontsinis, Professor of History at Athens University.

Thanks to the vision and efforts of the KWHF founders, we have published a number of works and amassed many books, CDs and DVDs that celebrate our Kytherian and Hellenic heritage including Australians & Greeks, Kytherian Migrants and their Associations, Life in Australia 1916, Britain’s Greek Islands, Kytherian Surnames, Kytherian Placenames and a wonderful selection of National Geographic titles in Greek including The Philosophers, Kythera, Kastellorizo, Kalymnos, and children’s Encyclopedia. The publication of a number of titles has been made possible by the generous support of the Estate of the late Nicholas Anthony Aroney.

Since 2020 the KWHF has been able to donate more than 2,000 books to the Kytherian and broader Greek community, host book talks, participate in cultural festivals and continue to raise funds from book sales which will be used to fund current and future KWHF projects.

Thank you to our members, the broader community and the Estate of the late Nicholas Anthony Aroney for your continued support of the KWHF and please check-out our range of nearly 100 titles including, books, CDs and DVDs on the KAA website and follow us on twitter and facebook @KytherianWHF. If you are interested in learning more please contact us via the KAA Office by emailing

Kytherian World Heritage Fund Committee

(L-R): George Vardas (committee member), Matina Zervos (committee chair), Peter Prineas (author, Britain’s Greek Islands, Katsehamos and the Great Idea, Wild Colonial Greeks), Barbara Zantiotis (committee member), Theo Poulos (committee member)

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