100 Year Anniversary of Kytherian Association of Australia in 2022

The Kytherian Association of Australia (formerly the Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia) is fast approaching its centenary.

For those who are not aware, the Kytherian Brotherhood of Australia had its first official meeting in Sydney on 14th May 1922.

To celebrate our 100 year anniversary we are commissioning a book about the history of the Brotherhood/Association which will be available for purchase in 2022.

We are calling for submissions from our members and past committee members of any information, photos, memorabilia linked with the history of the association and subgroups.

A recent example was sent to us by Olga Castrisios, who submitted the photos you see over the page and informs us she and her sister Matina Aroney (nee Coroneo) were the first females on the Executive Committee of the association back in 1960. She was also instrumental in organising the “Younger Set” tables at the Kytherian dances held at the Paddington Town Hall. She shares more details about these events which will be included in the book.

We understand that there will be many members that would like to share their memories of the association or brotherhood.

If you would like to contribute or would like to get involved in the project, please send information and photos to us at Kythera House please mark your correspondence

“For 100 year Book”

(If you require the originals back, please include a self addressed envelope)

If you are interested in being interviewed instead to tell your memories, please let us know as we will need to set up a time and place for the interviews.

As we will require permission to print photos and text you will be asked to sign a form giving us authority to use the information in the book. Please send your submissions along with your contact details to:

Email: admin@kytherianassociation.com.au
Post: P.O. Box 183, Rockdale NSW 2216

We look forward to your input.

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