November 2017 Seminar Series:
Eleusinian Mysteries and Orphic Religion: Perpetuity and Retribution

Where: Kythera House, Suite 1, 24 King Street, Rockdale
When: Sunday 26th November
Time: 4pm-6pm
Cost: $10 per person

A Month with the Gods: A Journey into the Life-World of Hellenic Myth

Topics pertaining to Ancient Greek mythology are very trendy nowadays. There seems to be something in the myths of the ancient Hellenes that keeps on fascinating people after so many centuries. However, many a time approaches to the Hellenic gods and heroes give the impression that they are driven by the exotic, the romantic or even the fanciful.

The present seminar series is based on my scholarly research and teaching experience and at the same time involves an experiential engagement with what it means to be a Hellene. It is my conviction that one can enter the life-world of Hellenic myth only if they manage to critically appreciate its otherness and subsequently find a way to connect to it personally.

Two are the basic questions of this seminar series: What is a myth and how did the Hellenes envisage the Divine? Throughout you will have the opportunity to reflect on the historical, philosophical and psychological aspects of Ancient Greek religion; aspects that have had a tremendous impact on Western civilisation, culture and thought.
The seminar series will last for 4 consecutive weeks and will comprise 8 hours (each time taking up 2 hours of your Sunday late afternoons on the dates below). No prior knowledge is required.

The old and the new, the immanent and the transcendent, were worked out in the religious experience of the Hellenes independently and to an extent in opposition to the mainstream civic religion of the Olympian pantheon. In both cases what emerged was a select and elitist religiosity that favoured the afterlife either in the guise of perpetuity (the Eleusinian Mysteries) or retribution (Orphic religion).


Dr Vassilis Adrahtas holds a PhD in Sociology of Religion from Panteion University and a PhD in Studies in Religion from the University of Sydney. He has been teaching at universities in Greece and Australia for the last fifteen years. He is the author of five books.

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